Step By Step Stand Up Comedy Tips

Getting some stand up comedy tips are helpful because most people enjoy comedy given it causes us to laugh. Laughter is much like a dependency that may lift a heavy heart, create a new friend, sweeten up a sagging relationship and thereby making you really feel good about everything.

One other good reason is the fact that laughter is simply healthy for you, and can enable you to improve your lifespan by reducing your stress levels. Comedy is ideal for letting you relax and savor your daily life. Stand up comedy tips will help you learn to be a proficient stand up comedian and then share this awesome gift of laughter with other people.

First of all you are probably curious about is, can anyone use stand up comedy tips to be a comedian? The reply is yes, everyone can do it, as long as they possess the perseverance, drive, enthusiasm and a positive can-do mindset.

The very first crucial step in step-by-step comedy is belief. You need to believe you can accomplish it, it doesn’t matter what anyone else tells you, and I sincerely mean that. The only real individual that matters, is you and believing that you could be a comedian.

It doesn’t matter what you do, where you’re coming from or if you’re entirely an introverted person. If you think it can be done, are persistent, work at your goal… then being a stand up comic through the use of step by step comedy for making people laugh is all in your reach.

The next thing is to get a goal. You must know the place you wish to go. Would you only want to be a stand up comedian to your family and friends, or would you like to go professional before huge audiences at schools, colleges, companies, government departments, any type of party, luxury cruise ships and TV?

Would you like to do it part-time or fulltime? What style would you like to have? Would you like to tell jokes about a particular subject or a wide range of subjects? They are a few of the things you need to think about, while learning step by step comedy to become a stand up comedian.

Obviously you will still find a lot more things you’ll also want and have to consider. For instance, you will have to stay organized. Are you aware of any stand up comics who weren’t organized? Those who are unorganized don’t end up getting far, so get organized and take notice of the details.

Another important thing when working with stand up comedy tips is usually to be yourself. Don’t think of yourself as something you’re not, people can tell. Everything should go more smoothly, flow and will also be much easier for you in the event you just take time to be yourself.

Do your individual thing, tell jokes in regards to what you like, what you’re excited about, and incidences in your lifetime. People will love what you do when you love that which you do too, and you’ll even make more friends. Of course not everybody is likely to adore you, but hey, that’s just how life is.

If you are a naturally funny person, obviously you are already in front of the ones that aren’t. That’s good, since it will likely be much easier for you than it will for somebody who’s not. However, when you get used to it, you’ll have the ability to perform effortlessly since you used step by step comedy to achieve success.

Next you’ll wish to start studying and learning all you can. Absorb just as much regarding the subject as you possibly can. Knowledge is a key advantage. The more you have the more opportunities open for you. Take the time to watch a couple of videos of your favorite professional stand up comics performing their routines and take in exactly what they’re doing. Watch and understand how they tell their jokes, move about the stage and connect to the target audience.

Read as much as you are able to about comedy, every facet of it, from telling jokes, to writing them, to performing them. You need to be the greatest, so do exactly what it will take to be the very best comedian. After you’ve got a good knowledge base go and do something, but keep learning along the way. After you’ve taken action yourself, jot down notes to make up your own funny stories, take note of how you intend to act them out on stage and just how you’re likely to cope with the audience and so forth.

The last stage of step step by step comedy is to locate a place to try out your act. Try it on your friends, family, co-workers, people in the pub, etc. If everything goes well you can progress the ladder and start visiting different events like birthday celebrations and school gatherings like reunions.

You’ll know if you’re carrying out a good job because people will laugh at the act. Not only can they laugh, but they also may come up to you and discuss exactly what a good job you’re doing. If you’ve managed to make it this far and you want to proceed further go ahead, then take your time and use these stand up comedy tips to help you reach your goal.


How To Write Comedy

How to write comedy can be difficult even for the most experienced, so if you are new to this… it’s hard! You’re definitely going to need the right type of comic sense when you write comedy. But what is the right type? The right type of funny situations to write comedy about are the kinds that fit your personality or that you have a passion for.

Good stand up comedy writers are able to write comedy that makes people laugh not because they were born with that ability. They can do it because they are proficient writers. If you want to be a stand up comedian then you’re going to need to learn how to write comedy, because in most cases no one else is going to do it for you unless you pay them.

When you’re thinking about how to write comedy, you probably don’t have any idea of where to begin. First, if you have a computer or even a piece of paper, you won’t need fancy equipment financing to be a good writer.  That’s okay because it’s not always a piece of cake to just go and write comedy that’s really going to make people laugh like crazy. But it’s a plus if you enjoy writing, because that means you’ll probably like to write comedy too.

When you first set out to write comedy, try not to write jokes. Instead just try to write something that’s funny, like a funny story. Often a joke that’s funny on paper may not be funny when it’s told on stage. That’s why it’s better to write about some situation, event, person or even an idea that’s funny, instead of trying to writing funny gags. It’s going to take practice, but that’s what it really takes to become someone who knows how to write comedy.

Now for some tips. When you write comedy you need to be specific. Details will improve a gag dramatically. The more people who recognize the details in the story – whether they are places, people, events, or situations –  the larger the laugh you’ll receive from the audience. General allusions don’t make as big of a hit as specific ones, so go with details that are as specific as possible when you write comedy.

Another interesting tip that will help when you learn how to write comedy, is putting the “funny word” at the end of the joke. This is a rule you should take to heart. If you have a humorous sounding word within the punchline of your funny story, then try to maneuver it to the end of the sentence. The way a word can sound, or even rhyme can really improve the humor of the punchline. If people hear a word that sounds funny at the end, it’s ten times easier to get a laugh.

Also, words with a tough K or C sound can be funny. If you go and watch a classic comedy routine you’ll find that a lot of the jokes rely on these tough sounding letters in words like, “chicken,” “Buick” and “pickle.” Sounds strange, but just check out some comedy audio and video and you’ll be convinced!

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Killer Stand Up Comedy Tips


Never write comedy by just stringing together some jokes. Instead let the humor arise out of the characters or situations. The funniest comedy material will come from the character first. Characters in comedy acts have specific quirky traits – or at least the should. It’s also a good idea to write out the story without any comedy, and then go back and try to find the areas where you can add in the humor.

Finally, don’t be afraid to cut. When you are learning how to write comedy the best way to get to the truly funny core is to cut out the gags or lines that don’t fit. Excessive jokes won’t make your story any funnier, they will just clog it up. The story, the character, and the conflict all have to flow naturally and things that don’t fit really stick out. So when you write comedy make sure that everything flows smoothly.

Remember that you never really know when you write comedy if it will be successful or not. Some of the funniest material on paper can bomb when it’s delivered on stage. That’s why it takes experience and even trial and error. Don’t feel bad if the first thing you write comedy about isn’t a smashing hit. Keep trying and you’ll eventually see the results you’ve been looking for.

Our recommendation for the best training out, is the Killer Stand Up Comedy Training System featured on this page.

Being A Comedian Is Fun

Being a comedian is not just about the money, it’s about having an extremely fun time while sharing your special talent that brings out laughter in others. Of course, being a comedian isn’t easy when you’re first starting out, but so is everything else in life. The more time you take to practice and learn the profession, the more experience you’ll get and the easier it will become. Eventually, you’ll reach a point in your career where being a comedian is practically second nature to you.

Not only will you be making people laugh on stage, you’ll be doing it with people all around you, from the airport, at work and on the vacations you take. When you learned how to ride a bicycle, remember how hard it was at the beginning? Now, after all that practice, you can just hop on a bicycle and go. It’s exactly the same way when you’re being a comedian. It will always be hard when you’re starting out.

However, as soon as you have the knowledge and experience to make people laugh, it will be just like hopping on a bicycle. Once you start riding you’ll have people falling all over themselves laughing. No, it won’t happen overnight. And you may have to bomb a few times before you hit your stride. But so what? Practice really does makes perfect in stand up comedy, it’s the only way.

If you want to be a great comedian then you have to love doing it. You also have to want to do it with all your heart. Otherwise it’s just another job, it’s just another mundane task in your life, and who wants that? Part of the reason you want to be a comedian is for the excitement, the rush, the attention. People have enough things that are boring and blah in their life. So if you really want to become a comedian, then you need to be full of life and color yourself.

One of the things you may not realize about being a comedian is that it’s a great way to help others. You’re helping them to loosen up, forget the stress, and enjoy their lives. Our time on earth is short and hard enough as it is, so when people come to see a comic they want entertainment to brighten their mood. As a comedian you you’re on a mission to give your audience a great experience. When both you and your audience are having fun, that’s when you know you’re doing it right.

Comedians aren’t just for adults, they’re for everyone. If you want to be a great comedian, consider developing material that is appropriate for everyone of any age. As a comedian you’re a role model whether you like it or not. You’re setting an example for other people. So remember, you don’t need profanity to be a comedian. There’s enough of that going around today. Stick to a higher standard. It may be harder but you will have better results, your act will work at any time and in front of any audience, and people will respect you for it.

Being a comedian is also about finding and taking things that aren’t funny, then twisting those things to reveal the humor in them. The audience also wants to feel a personal connection to you. Getting individual audience members involved in the act is one way you can do that. Ask them something about their life and find a way to make it funny for the whole audience.

Being a comedian is an art and takes creativity and innovation. Being a comedian is also about camaraderie with other fellow comedians. Always be courteous to others, don’t be rude. And don’t steal their work or put them down. You never know who you’re going to meet and you never know whether same person might be the next famous comedian.

Smile a lot. Heck, you’re a being a comedian so you should be happy! People love it when you do that, you’re sharing your joy with others and making a positive impression that will rub off on them too. People are going to talk about you when you’re not around and you want them to say good things about you. Not only that, but you want to be able to tell yourself that you like being a comedian.

A good thing to remember while being a comedian is to not make long drawn out setups, keep the setups short, otherwise the audiences attention will drift away. When a setup is too long people will lose interested or forget what it’s about before you even get to the punch line.

Remember, there is whole world out there, so you don’t have to stick to one particular country when it comes to being a comedian. There are plenty of places in the world where you can find a group of people and develop a following that will enjoy your comedy routine. Always remember that being a comedian is about having fun, so go out there and do it!